Build Your business

Freedom starts with having a business that generates you the income you need while doing what you love.

Transform Lives

The women I work with are using their gifts to make the world a better place.

Set Yourself Free

What is Freedom to you ? For me its being able to do the work I love while living wherever I want.

Feminine Power and Prosperity for Coaches and Healers

Imagine if your Coaching Biz was filled with dream clients and consistent income?

What would change in your life and the lives of your clients?

If you are a women who has a life changing gift to bring to the world, who knows it’s time to stand in your power, deal with the fear and doubt that stops you from having the impact your desire, then you’re in the right place.

Feminine Power and Prosperity is a unique 90 day 1:1 program that builds a biz you love with dream clients and consistent cash flow to fuel your freedom.

It cuts through all the noise, confusion and overwhelm about how to build a biz and provides a simple framework for generating leads and sales in your business right NOW!

It’s not more information or a course you can get lost in.  It is full support and accountability for you to master your inner game, grow your confidence and create ease for selling your services at premium prices.

With this system you will easily generate $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 in coaching sales during the program and have the tools to do it CONSISTENTLY every month.

Take our Quiz and Find Your Sacred Strengths

Our simple quiz will help you uncover your Sacred Strengths that will power your business.

Free First Steps to Freedom Call

As women it has been hard for us to be seen, heard and valued in the past, but together we can work through the hidden blocks that keep you playing small and not owning your value. Transform your beliefs around worthiness, visibility and MONEY so that you can have the IMPACT and the FREEDOM you desire in your life.

This is for you if you’re tired of having so much to offer but not the systems and support that allows you to share your gifts with ease and flow.  If you’re over worrying about where your next client is coming from or if you have had enough of fear and doubt stopping you.

If you would like to experience the real power and benefits of working with me directly, I have a limited number of spots in my diary this week for YOU to jump on a breakthrough coaching call with me, valued at $500 for FREE

  • Create a clear vision for what it takes to succeed in your business
  • Uncover the visibility blocks that keep you from attracting clients
  • Understand the #1 thing that prevents you selling your services

You’ll leave the call with a clear plan for moving forward, energised and focused.

The Ripples of Value VBook

The Ripples of Value Vbook contains a powerful exercise that will help you know once and for all if your ideas and solutions are valuable and if it will truely make a difference in the lives of the people you know you are here to serve.

Hi I’m Sondré corporate escapee, spiritual entrepreneur, kick-ass Feminine Sales Success Coach, wife, mother and freedom seeker.  I’ve created my biz mentoring for women who know in their hearts they’re called to serve people, to transform lives and live passionately.

I am a straight shooter, fast talker, warm hearted women who is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs bring their life changing gifts to the world with a proven framework designed to align your purpose and passion with prosperity.

Blending 20 years of corporate sales experience and ten years in the coaching and self development industry, I see being an entrepreneur as the ultimate calling of spiritual and personal development.

Success Stories

I work with awesome women who are wanting to make a difference. 

This is what they say about working with me.

Bernie Giggins Inner Child Harmony

It’s hard to believe that such a profound change can happen over such a short amount of time. I’ve been in business for 18 years as a healer and I am a published author, yet I never had a clear plan that made it easy to be successful in my business.

Now I work 3.5 days per week,I have doubled my income and only work with clients I love and who are ready to do their work.  And to top it all off I have created $10,000 in sales in just one day!!

Before working with Sondré I used to work all the time, 6 days a week and it felt like I was spinning my wheels all the time and never gaining any traction.  I found it hard on a sales call to know what to say or how to hold my boundaries on price and often worked with people who weren’t as committed to their healing as I was.  It all just fell like hard work and was frustrating not been able to make the difference I knew in my heart I was here to make.

I have now learnt new processes and personal daily routines to keep my energy positive and moving forward with my business and financial goals as well as my personal life.

If you are looking for a way to increase your IMPACT find your FREEDOM and make a consistent INCOME doing what you love then book a call with Sondré

Madeline Kessler Healthy Mind Coaching

Only now as I look back upon this journey do I realise the transformation my work with this incredible Lady has achieved. 

I now have a more loving relationship with myself by shifting and unpacking the patterns of Blame, Fear and Guilt ( to name a few) that I had being playing out in my life has enabled me a renewed sense of clarity to achieve my goal and start my own business.

I trust Sondre implicitly, she is compassionate and gentle yet firm and direct when I am avoiding the core issue.

I highly recommend this amazing coach.

Jan Marshall

Monday mornings class sets up my week in a grounded and positive way.  Sondré is invaluable in holding the space required as I grow my value and self worth, explore my own feminine power, and open up to prosperity and abundance.

Alexandra Cloud

Before working with Sondre I felt stuck and scared to make major decisions in my life. The need for a perfect decision held me trapped in old patterns of relentless self-punishment and procrastination. Sondre has helped me to see that mistakes are a normal part of being human and the process of growth rather than just sources of disappointment and shame.

I thought that change meant making big and difficult shifts. Through Sondre’s kind guidance, teaching and leading by example I can see that real change is achievable through persistence of helpful and enjoyable action, and more subtle ways, such as the energy work of changing focus and releasing negativity.

Sondre helped me to reframe my ideas about happiness from striving for perfectionist and unachievable goals to a more present, richer appreciation of the abundance surrounding me. I am much happier now and enjoy cultivating a culture of open curiosity about myself, others and the world around us.

Jo Wilson Entrepreneur

Sondré is one of those rare human beings who, once you’ve met them, you never forget them. Her warmth, sense of fun and joy of life are contagious. She is confident, skilled and knowledgeable and she changes the lives of the people she works with. The ripple effect of this work with her clients’ family, friends and community is immeasurable.

Sondré draws on her own life experiences to help her clients change their lives and achieve their goals. If you have goals and dreams you really want to achieve, you really could not be in better hands. I recommend Sondré unconditionally.

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