About Me

Have you ever been on a weekend filled with possibility to learn a new modality or gain a coaching certification or even in the hope of finding your purpose ? You leave on a massive high, vowing you will put this new knowledge into action. It all seems easy when you are surrounded by the energy and excitement of others. Yet when you get home you quickly realise you don’t even know where to start. Does deciding which marketing guru to follow have you head spinning?  Or have you watched too many free trainings trying a little of this and a little of that leaving you with a nagging fear that you may never be able to have the business you dream of?  That’s when we start telling ourselves we don’t know enough, doubt creeps in and we look for yet another program.

That was me and this stop start pursuit of my purpose had taken me seven years and through all the emotional highs and lows like some out of control rollercoaster ride.  I had a very expensive hobby collecting knowledge, modalities and coaching certificates which had cost me tens of thousands of dollars to obtain. What I was missing was the structure, systems and niche to enable me to start my business. I looked around at my transformational community and realised I was not alone with this problem. I was surrounded with beautiful women who had great skills and a strong desire to make a difference but who were struggling like me.

So now I enjoy working with and empowering women to make a real difference.  Where they get to financially support themselves through their gifts and talents, to give back to communities and causes that light up the world.

Freedom is one of my core values, but to be really free you need to be able to support not just yourself but also your dreams.   My coaching business  now funds our passion for travel and allows us to educate our youngest daughter in the school of our choice.  Most importantly it reduces our stress and risk of being dependant on just one income.

In April 2018 life delivered me a massive wake up call. My husband, had a major motorcycle accident. Spinal surgery was followed by a number of other procedures to repair his injuries. He also suffered, as you would expect a head injury.  The road to recovery is an ongoing journey.*

The accident looking back, was a call to action for us, that while we lived well and enjoyed life, we  were also mainly dependent on his income and lived pay check to pay check. I was living in some sort of la la land that I hadn’t realised that the lifestyle I enjoyed would disappear with a couple of missed pay checks. The reality of it was overwhelming, frustrating and extremely confronting. So much for the freedom.

It also forced me to confront the fact that the coaching hobby I had been running for the last 7 years was not really a business at all. While I had helped a number of people get through some pretty major childhood issues and saved a few relationships along the way, the reality was I had spent way more on learning than I had ever earned.

That I needed to make some new decisions was clear. In the initial months of Pauls recovery I needed to be his full-time carer, but I was always wondering what was next. I debated getting a job back in corporate. I had a strong sales and recruitment background and even though my soul cringed at the idea it looked like a very real possibility.  I was extremely frustrated with myself for not acting sooner and starting my coaching business. I felt the dream I had of helping people, all the training I had done to be able to help people transform, the money my precious time I had spent it all would be for nothing.  Argh talk about an intense self beat up!

It wasn’t until I started working with a business mentor and together we were able to identify what I was really good at and I was able to put the systems in place that transformed my hobby into a business.

I laugh now because it was there all along. That I would take all my years of sales success and my coaching training and blend them into helping women not just with the sales aspect of running a business but helping them with all the fear and anxiety the other sales coaches couldn’t.

I love working with the awesome women that have made the decision to transform their hobby into a business that supports them. If you are facing the same challenges these women were and deep down you know you have a bigger contribution to make I would love to work with you too.

If Paul’s accident taught me anything it is that life is short and rarely goes to plan and that our future freedom needs to be realised sooner not later !


* We were very lucky, perhaps it’s the hard headiness that runs in his family, but he has since nearly made a full recovery, albeit with the help of some fancy titanium parts holding him together.