Hi I’m Sondré corporate escapee, spiritual entrepreneur, kick-ass Feminine Sales Success Coach, wife, mother and freedom seeker.  I’ve created my biz mentoring for women who know in their hearts they’re called to serve people, to transform lives and live passionately.I am a straight shooter, fast talker, warm hearted women who is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs bring their life changing gifts to the world with a proven framework designed to align your purpose and passion with prosperity.Blending 20 years of corporate sales experience and ten years in the coaching and self development industry, I see being an entrepreneur as the ultimate calling of spiritual and personal development.

My passion is to share my knowledge of sales and how this knowledge can lead to your economic empowerment in The Wealthy Goddess Code Ebook.

I believe that you, like me, are here to make a difference. My goal is for you to serve and help as many people as you can through the unique transformation that you offer whilst having a lifestyle you love.


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In this ebook we will look at each of these areas, share with you the Goddess framework and discuss the energetics that will help you succeed.

I love to help women stand unapologetically in the value of their work, where they get to price, package and can make offers and invitations to people with ease and flow, that builds their confidence so they can have fun taking their gifts out into the world whilst increasing their cashflow.